47 Meters Down: Let the Shark Frenzy Begin

Posted 07/25/2017 5187

It is no coincidence that "47 Meters Down" just happened to make its debut in theaters 2 days before The Discovery Channel's long running "Shark Week" begins! They say timing is everything, and this is a complete example that it is so true.

With Michael Phelps racing a shark and all the other much-advertised featured shark shows, it is a wonder this movie did not do even better at the box-office. But it still came out like a lucky seal this week (no pun intended) - with the amount of competition it has with "Valerian" and "Dunkirk" debuting this weekend as well.

47 Meters Down is a film where two close sisters Lisa (Clare Holt) and Kate (Mandy Moore) set off on a deluxe vacation to Mexico set to be filled with fun, sun, and lots of adventure. Kate wants to seek thrills hands-down by diving with the sharks in a cage and really coerces her sister Lisa to join along in the scary-fun.

Lisa reluctantly agrees and soon they are submerged in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico where great white sharks swarm and thrive. It is all fun and then some until the cage is compromised and unhooked from the boat that floats high above their heads. As the cage thunks hard on the ocean floor- and their oxygen supply drains further- the thrills and suspenseful moments ensue.

As soon as they hit the water the two sisters are thrust into obstacle after obstacle that really enables the story to move along in a way that keeps your interest right there. From the dark depths of the water (which could be the scariest part of the film) to the unforeseen drop-ins by the viscious great whites, to ultimately drowning from lack of air - this film has all the suspense you would want, need or expect from it!

This movie is a thriller and rated PG-13 so it is not for children that are not thick skinned or that cannot handle blood or a little gore and scary stuff. People get stuck at the bottom of the dark ocean, they die, sharks go after them, and their is blood and guts! 

There are a few minor curse words, drinking, and some innuendo of a hangover that could cross the lines for those who do not want their children to view anything that is borderline offensive.

This movie is not "Jaws" and it makes "Shallow Waters" pale in comparison, it is not bad. It moves forcefully along and keeps you engaged, frightened, and waiting for the next moment it is going to scare the pants off of you.  Even the most critical movie-goer will appreciate 47 Meters Down for giving you the sort of thrills you expect to begin on this epic 2017 start of "Sharkweek."