Wish Upon: The Irony is That It is So Bad its Scary

Posted 07/24/2017 3128

Let us count the ways that the new horror film "Wish Upon" proved to be horrific - not horror-rific. In light on the vast attempt to make this film an "epic" thriller and horror flick -its transpired to actually be more of a bad take on the dark cults that "The Room" tried to envelope only to squander a good thing while they had it.

This horror movie (supposedly) sported an enormous budget and boasts a cast of some of the best film makers, writers (Barabara Marshall), directors (John R. Leonetti), and actors (Joey King as Clare) of our time.

This film of the paranormal is based upon a possessed-object, namely a Chinese "Wishing Box" which continues to prey on the wishes of the hands that it has landed within (Clare.) As her most beloved friends and family meet their demise as a result of this cursed box - Clare continues to be sucked into its power.

As a youth, Clare's mother played by Elizabeth Rohm (who has real life experiences with ghosts) - takes her own life and so goes how Clare's life has forever been marked. Clare's Dad played by "Cruel Intentions" - Ryan Phillippe is your average dumpster diver looking for money by selling scrap.


Clare is the ultimate victim being bullied at school and she meets the complete profile of a high-school misfit. After being humiliated in school after a school-cafeteria meltdown, Clare's dad gives her this beautiful box enscribed in Chinese. Clare quickly discovers the box gives her powers that she then uses it to get revenge on those that have scorned and hurt her, so much. She wishes to be popular, and to get the best love, and to have money and power.

As her wishes and dreams start to come to fruition - she begins to realize that with each wish granted - there is a sacrifice, a blood sacrifice by which everyone she is close to dies. This is a lesson (sans the violent, blood and guts death scenes) that was taught by Disney's (Sixteen Wishes) - that shows that you may get what you wish for, but if you are not prepared for the consequences of those wishes - you will find yourself still as unhappy as you was before the wishes were granted.

It has a great take-away premise, but it falters from the very beginning as it unfolds more like a "Bad Gremlins" movie - I told you so. Look anything you find from China is cursed- its something we all know in movies. So did you expect anything different from a cursed wishing box with a chinese insigna? Although, "Wish Upon" is ridiculousness at its best and certainly not something that would scare the shit out of you - you may get a big kick out of its absurdities and just plain silly basis.